Placenta Encapsulation and Milk Supply

Late last year a lactation consultant published an article connecting low milk supply and the consumption of placenta medicine. She found that “the sooner a woman stops taking her placenta capsules, the sooner her milk supply will begin to increase.” This correlation is in opposition to what so many of us have been told: placenta medicine can increase your milk supply.

Portland Natural Birth is a women-centered organization that supports all mothers regardless of their childbirth and postpartum choices. We understand where the author is coming from and our viewpoint is that it makes sense to wait until your milk supply is established before consuming placenta capsules.

We also believe our clients when they say they’ve had increased milk supply from their placenta medicine. We know that the high iron content, in anemic women, can have a positive effect on their bodies ability to naturally produce breastmilk.

Our point of view: Each mother, when provided with the information, is capable of making her own informed choice. After birth, we are all so vulnerable to advice and we want to do the right thing. It’s important to know that what works for one mother, won’t work for you. And what worked for your first baby, may not work for your subsequent children. We see you. We support you.    


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