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“Mirra and Jamie are such wonderful midwives. My husband and I were always tickled by how excited Mirra and Jamie were about our little one during our appointments, how they seemed delighted by her antics in utero as they palpated her and measured my uterus. Our appointments were comprehensive, relaxed, and I always left feeling like I had all of my questions answered. Additionally I really appreciated the thoughtfulness that Mirra and Jamie exhibited around educating us on the various choices for testing and interventions during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I felt like I was able to give truly informed consent all along the way, making thoughtful decisions and trusting that they possessed the skills needed to care for me and my baby. The words I would pick to describe my birth experience are amazing, peaceful, and empowered. I am truly lucky to have had their skillful and loving care during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time with my daughter as well as their emotional support, guidance, and tenderness during a subsequent early miscarriage. I look forward to my next pregnancy and know that they will be the first people I call!”  –BK

“I have always felt safe with Mirra.  From the early questions and insecurities of a new first-time mom to having my second newborn examined and cared for, I always- every visit, every phone call, both births- knew that Mirra would be attentive, loving, supportive and knowledgeable.  Mirra’s medical training, years of experience, and intuition combine with her compassion and commitment to the field of midwifery to make her a true caregiver in the most professional and personal sense of the word.  And her smile warms my day.”  –ES

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Mirra and her assistants were instrumental in bringing my baby girl to this world. My wife's labor was really long. Throughout the labor, they were encouraging, patient, caring and smart. Mirra is an extremely experienced midwife and made some moves and decisions that were genius. I also have to say she has a great sense of humor.
They were the best. If you're interested in trying a home birth, I highly recommend Portland Natural Birth  --DC

“I wish all of my medical care could have the same characteristics as what I’ve experienced at PNB. Mirra is both knowledgeable and very respectful of the various decisions my husband and I made throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. I never had to advocate for myself because options were always presented to me. All of my appointments were an hour long and Mirra was available for after-hours questions via email, text, or phone calls. (As nervous new parents, we used all 3.) My physical care never felt invasive and my emotional well-being was always regarded as an equal concern. Brandee and Tyne, the other 2 members of my birth team, also provided the same level of warmth and respect. I was never once treated like a sick person. All of these elements factored together to give me the courage I needed for labor and birth!  If we are blessed with another little one in a low-risk pregnancy, we will use Portland Natural Birth again!”  –JW

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“Portland has a rich birthing community, and my husband and I took our time interviewing multiple groups in order to find the right fit for our family. We both agreed Mirra offered exactly what we were looking for in a midwife – and more! With a smaller client load, she was able to offer us the time and relationship we sought in our birth provider.

Each appointment (prenatal and postpartum) was an hour long, and in the comfort of our own home. As a first time mom, I had a million questions, and Mirra patiently and knowledgeably answered all of them. Her training and credentials speak for themselves, but it is her bedside manner that really sets her apart. Mirra made me feel so validated and empowered as I entered motherhood. I felt completely safe delivering my baby with her capable guidance, knowing she is able to recognize normal birth and would help us make the right call should we need to change our birth plan.


Once baby was here, having a provider I could text or email with my questions was INVALUABLE. She provided excellent care to me as a new mom, my husband as a new father, and our newborn baby for the first 6 weeks after delivery. I loved having the personal experience of a home birth, and the fact that no stranger has ever laid hands on my baby. Additionally, through Portland Natural Birth, I was able to have my placenta encapsulated which has proven integral in helping me overcome the “baby blues.” The pills were delivered right to my door! No unnecessary appointments or trips out of the house with a new baby.I couldn’t recommend this team any more. Instead of feeling weak or afraid in my birthing process and journey into new-motherhood; I felt strong and safe and celebrated.”  –ND

“Mirra was one of the midwives on my birth team for the 2013 birth of my son, Jasper. When I was interviewing midwives early in my pregnancy, I was deeply scared of being pregnant and ultimately birthing my child. Instantly upon meeting, Mirra began to comfort me and put me at ease with the process and I knew that she was the right person for my team. Throughout my pregnancy, Mirra was consistently encouraging and available, providing support for my journey in a way that was comfortable for me. During my birth, Mirra challenged me to move through each step of a long labor, even when she was pregnant and exhausted herself! I was one of few moms who needed a hospital transfer (long labor, big baby, stubborn position) and Mirra was there every step of the way, even taking photos for me at the hospital which I cherish to this day. She comforted me when I was nervous, took part in my excitement, and got to know me as a person rather than a patient. Post-partum visits at my house continued the trend to help me recover wonderfully with the care I needed. I wholeheartedly recommend Mirra as your future midwife!” –JL

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