Midwifery Care

Our practice

Portland Natural Birth is a small inclusive midwifery practice.  We commit to being 100% on-call for all our clients, which means we only take 2-3 births a month. This small practice model allows for complete individualized attention and care, meaning YOU are an integral part of your care. We practice safe and evidence-based protocols, allowing for choice and best practice for your family.

Serving the Portland Area

We attend clients in the Portland area, within an hour from our office in NE Portland.  This includes all 4 quadrants of Portland, as well as the surrounding areas. We do not attend Washington home births. 

homebirth laboring person in water birth

We offer our birth tubs at no extra cost to all clients who would like to labor and/or birth in the water. 

Additional Services

We also provide lactation services, Ayurvedic services, and Prenatal and Postnatal Care for those choosing hospital birth and desiring additional, comprehensive care. 

Insurance and Pricing

We gladly accept and bill private insurance for clients who have out-of-network benefits. For our clients that do not have insurance that will cover a homebirth, we offer a 10% discount if our fee is paid before the birth.  We also accept OHP.   

Why Choose Homebirth?

Homebirth with licensed midwives is a safe and empowering option for low risk birthing families. 

  • Personal Angency and Informed Choice With Every Decision

  • Birth in the Comfort and Safety of Your Home Environment

  • Lower risk of medical intervention and complications

  • Individualized care

What You Get with Portland Natural Birth

Our full midwifery package includes:


  • Hour Long Appointments

  • Prenatal, birth, and postpartum care for birthing parent and baby through 6-weeks postpartum

  • 24/7 on-call support

  • Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Care

  • A Consistant Team of Midwives With You Throughout Your Care