Midwifery Care

newborn at home birth

At Portland Natural Birth, we want to make sure all Portland families know and have access to the birthing option that is right for them.

We are committed to choice-  YOU get to choose who will be guiding you in making the best choice for your family during your pregnancy, who will be supporting you during your birth and continuing that strong connection during your postpartum.

We know you want to be listened to, heard, and have autonomy over your own healthcare.  We know you are looking for something more than 15 minutes once a month to ask your healthcare provider all your questions.  We know you want to know what is going on and be informed when making decisions for your family.  We know you want to know who will be at your birth and want to be comfortable in your birthing environment.  This is a big transition and can be an awe-inspiring journey.

Let us at Portland Natural Birth support and guide you on that journey to parenthood.