Why Choose Midwifery and a Home Birth?

Portland Midwife Jamie Burke homebirthMidwifery is near and dear to our hearts as we have studied countless hours to finish our training to become midwives, stayed up long nights with laboring mamas as midwives and collectively have had six home births with midwives.

Midwifery care far exceeds most families’ expectations.  We provide one-on-one care, dedicating an hour to every prenatal and postpartum visits.  We are available through email and phone to address any fears or concerns that arise outside of your appointments.  And we are knowledgable.  We know western obstetric treatments but we offer alternative treatments first.  Our goal is to always start with the least interventive treatment and work with you within what is comfortable and safe.

Midwifery care focuses on the individual.  Each mama is different.  Every labor progresses in its own time.  Every family brings a new story to us.  As midwives, we know what normal pregnancy, birth, and postpartum look like and we help you find your stride within it.

Every birth is different and that is why midwifery care is so important.

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