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Placenta Medicine with Kelley Burke

Portland Placenta Encapsulation Services

Portland Placenta EncapsulationThis is Ancient medicine for modern mamas. It makes sense. Your placenta is loaded with iron, hormones and nutrients that offer a priceless resource for postpartum recovery. We are proud to offer the highest standards in placenta medicine preparation and are honored to serve so many Portland families!

Placenta Encapsulation Clinic PortlandWith our service you have all the options and control and none of the hassle or interruption. Your placenta is processed in my own stainless steel, restaurant grade lab into medicine while you recover and bond with your baby and the finished capsules are hand delivered to you with dosage recommendations.

Our placenta medicine service is all-inclusive from pick-up to drop-off. Performed by trained midwife Kelley Burke, all placenta processing is completed in a professionally built lab that meets both medical and restaurant standards in safety and cleanliness with sterilized, stainless steel equipment. We provide a range of options to meet your medicinal as well as budget needs from full service to DIY consultation and support.


Know your Options

There are 2 primary methods of preparing your placenta medicine:

Traditional Chinese Medicine method:

In Traditional Chinese medicine, the placenta is prepared in a way that maximizes it’s replenishment of the tremendous loss of heat and qi that occurs after giving birth.  It is also recommended for women who have a history of anxiety or hypothyroidism.

During preparation, the cord and membranes are removed, the placenta is rinsed, then lightly steamed in an infusion of warming herbs.  It is then sliced thinly and laid out to thoroughly dehydrate.  Once dehydration is complete, the placenta strips are ground into a fine powder,  and encapsulated in your [choice of capsules] for easy storage and consumption.

High Heat Dehydration:

High Heat Dehydration method of encapsulation follows the USDA safety standards of preparing raw, dehydrated meat at 165 degrees.   Mothers who choose this method of preparation report an immediate, and high level boost in mood and energy.   Raw Foods method is the most common choice of placenta medicine preparation among our clients.

For the high heat dehydration method,  the cord and membranes are removed, and the placenta is given a rinse.  In it’s fresh, raw state, it is sliced thinly and laid out to thoroughly dehydrate in a closed, protected, sterilized dehydrator at 165 degrees fahrenheit.   The dehydration process takes longer for  placentas that are not steamed, but once it is complete, it is  ground to a fine powder, and encapsulated in your [choice of capsules] for easy storage and consumption.

If you have any questions or concerns about what preparation method is best for you, or would like to discuss a special request please contact Kelley directly to have a consultation.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding my process, logistics, and cost. For more information and to discuss what option might be best for you please email me directly at Kelley (at) PortlandNaturalBirth.com.

placenta encapsulation portland

Safety Standards
  • OSHA blood born pathogen certified and compliant
  • Years of clinical training in midwifery
  • Practices sterile technique in stainless steel, restaurant grade lab
  • Food handlers permit


Capsule Types

All capsules are GMO, preservative and gluten free. Choose from the following:

  • Vegan capsules – Ingredients made from 100% vegetable cellulose of either pine or poplar.  An obvious choice for vegetarian and vegan women.
  • Gelatin capsules – Ingredients sourced from certified kosher, sulfite free beef.  This is the standard capsule I use unless the client specifies a preference.

portland placenta pills

Capsule Size Options
  • Size 00 – Equal to, or slightly smaller then most prenatal vitamins.  My recommended size with 750 mg per cap.
  • Size 1 – Optimal for those with a sensitive gag reflex who have trouble swallowing prenatal vitamins. Smaller pills, however, means taking more of them.

Planning a Hospital Birth

Luckily, placenta encapsulation is not so fringe anymore.  And Portland hospital staff are quite cooperative and supportive of your rights regarding your placenta. There are a few things you can do to help things go smoothly and best advocate for yourself:

Be sure to let your midwife or doctor know about your plan.  You can mention it at your prenatal so your request gets documented in your medical chart and most importantly when you arrive in labor tell your nurse! The hospital may also have you sign a release form, usually referred to as an ‘against medical advice’ waiver.

Home or Birth Center Birth

Let your midwives know your placenta encapsulation plans. Most birth teams will be very happy to accommodate and are familiar with the following tasks.
After your birth: Your placenta must be double bagged, clearly labeled with your name and the date you gave birth.

Store your placenta in the refrigerator either at your house (at your midwives house if you live more then 45 min outside Portland), or at your Birth Center. Have a member of your birth team or family notify me by text that it’s ready and please include where it is.  I will pick it up from your home.


I begin the cleaning and dehydration process within 24 hours of your birth. Your finished capsules are completed and delivered back to you by the time your baby is 3 days old. Your capsules will come properly packaged with detailed instructions on recommended dosage, storage instructions and other helpful tips on how to get the most out of your medicine.

All placentas are processed individually on sterilized, stainless steel equipment in a specially built “Placenta Lab” labeled with mama’s name at every stage of the process so there is no chance of a placenta mix up or cross contamination.

Birth has many variations.  And although the services provided at Portland Natural Birth aim to help women meet their intentions of giving birth with limited medical intervention, we truly believe that many forms of birth, including a cesarean birth are normal births.  Whether you have a planned or unexpected cesarean birth, your placenta can still be encapsulated.  If you need assistance advocating for the right to encapsulate your placenta please contact Kelley by email or phone.



Full Service Encapsulation     250

This full service includes pick up of your placenta at your place of birth, complete encapsulation with your choice of method and capsules and delivery of finished placenta medicine with in the Portland service area.

Modified Service encapsulation    225
The same quality service as above, but your friend or family member does the delivering of the placenta to me and picks up the finished capsules a few days later. A good way to save some money and an opportunity for a friend to support you!


Optional Add on Services

Homeopathic Placenta Tincture 25
Made using medical grade, organic spirits and distilled spring water in the classical homeopathic technique to form a 6c tincture. This can literally last the rest of your baby’s life.

Placenta Salve 35
Your dried placenta powder is infused in organic olive oil and combined with bees wax and coco butter to make a simple, nourishing, skin healing salve. Perfect for repairing the part of your body where your baby was born.







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