Holistic Pelvic Care – Pelvic Rehabilitation and Alignment for Women

kelley burke placenta encapsulation pelvic floor health massage therapistHolistic Pelvic Care™ is a physical-therapy technique founded by Portland’s own physical therapist and natural healer, Tami Kent, MSPT. She developed this approach for women who experience the physical and emotional symptoms related to pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction.

The Pelvic Floor

The pelvic region is shaped like a bowl.  Picture two cupped hands, with muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus and ovaries. Being the center of the body, a woman’s pelvic region holds all her emotional and physical stresses. Any major change in the body, emotional upset, or trauma—infertility, pregnancy, injury, body dystopia, etc.—is stored in the pelvic floor and influences how women emotionally and physically move in the world. These imbalances can compound, leading to medical conditions such as:

~ painful intercourse

~ urinary incontinence

~ uterine prolapse

~ low back and hip pain

~ body instability

Your Pelvic Floor Sessions

Your first pelvic floor session with Kelley Burke, will begin with a conversation about what brought you to her office, a health history intake and a detailed explanation of your pelvic floor anatomy.

Once a baseline understanding is reached, Kelley will begin the hands-on portion of the session. This will include myofascial work to the external anatomy related to the pain and disfunction as well as  intra-vaginal massage.   Using a single gloved finger,  gentle pressure is applied internally to the pelvic floor to release trigger-points, increase blood flow, smooth out adhesions, encourage muscle engagement, and support whole body connection.  It is not uncommon for big emotions and memories to be released when working on the muscles deep within the pelvic bowl.  Kelley will continually check-in with you to ensure that you are comfortable and understand what is going on the entire treatment.

Before ending the session, Kelley will provide you with a treatment plan and self-care tips you can do at home to support your health and enhance each treatment.  You will likely begin to notice changes in your body  immediately after the very first session.  Sometimes soreness can also be expected.  Deeper emotional shifts, and older, chronic injuries, often require a series of treatments.

There are now 2 locations to schedule with Kelley in NE Portland. Tuesdays and Thursdays, she can be found in the MontBlanc building on NE 7th.  And if you are needing childcare or a Wednesday/Friday apt, please look into scheduling at the Luna Wellness location.


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