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Placenta Encapsulation FAQ

How long does the process take?

Your placenta is picked up and the encapsulation process started within 24 hours of your birth. Your finished placenta medicine is delivered back to you around day 3. This is not something I rush. If a particular placenta requires a bit more time to properly dehydrate, time is given. I never sacrifice for the sake of a speedy return delivery.

Do you encapuslate in my home or in your own space?

I do all the encapsulating in my own facility.
This allows me to monitor the process from start to finish. There will never be an unknown interruption from a dehydrator malfunctioning. This insures you get the best quality medicine. For more information on the differences of encapsulation location please visit this lovely blog post.

What processing method should I use for my placenta?

Most mamas are choosing the minimally processed raw foods method these days. The higher yield in capsules and greater boost in energy and mood make it a very popular choice. However, there are certain circumstances when the Traditional Chinese Medicine method may be a better option for you. If you are taking medication to balance your thyroid, or anxiety issues, please connect with me so we can talk about which process would suit you best.

How many pills will I get?

Each placenta varies in size and volume. On average, a placenta processed in the raw foods method will make between 130 and 150 capsules. And one that is processed in th Traditional Chinese Medicine way will yield 70-90.

Can my placenta be encapsulated if I had an epidural or a cesarean?


How long do they last?

Properly stored, your placenta medicine could last indefinitely. However, I recommend you take them within your first year postpartum.

How do I store them?

Your placenta medicine will come in a jar that protects them from light and with a silica packet to protect them from moisture. Ambient room temperature is fine so keep them handy and accessible. Avoid heat, light and moisture just like you would any other supplement.

How many do I take?

*instructions will be included with your capsules-
In general, I recommend starting with 2 capsules, 2 times a day as soon as you receive them. Pay attention to how they make you feel. If you notice feeling caffinated or buzzy, then reduce your dose to 1 capsule once or twice a day. It’s fine to skip days too if you’re feeling good!

What if I forget to pre-register with you, or I decide last minute after my baby is born?

No problem!  My assistants and I are always on call and we will come pick up your placenta as soon as possible. You can also freeze your placenta in a gallon sized zip lock freezer bag to allow for more time to think about it if you need.

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