About Us

How Portland Natural Birth was born…

IMG_0568Portland Natural Birth was first conceived as a one-woman placenta encapsulation business in 2011 by Kelley Burke. As Kelley’s business grew, she became a trained pelvic floor health specialist and looked to expand the business as more women were choosing holistic care providers.  In 2014, after countless nights spent together supporting laboring mothers, midwife Mirra Nerenberg joined forces with Kelley to help provide the full package of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum services through holistic midwifery care to Portland families.

Our Vision

Portland Natural Birth was started with one vision: to provide amazing support for women and their families during formative childbearing years.  We are thrilled to come together in support of this vision!  We truly believe every woman and her family deserve respectful, empowering, and comprehensive care.  We at Portland Natural Birth also believe deeply in supporting every family — regardless of what your family looks like, who is in your family, or what your family believes.

With all of our skills under one “roof,” our services are seamless for our clients.  Portland Natural Birth offers full comprehensive care for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. You can choose only the select services that suit you best.  Some of our clients come for midwifery care with Mirra, and they desire all of Kelley’s services along the way; some clients only need their placenta encapsulated; while others clients want a pelvic floor session.


Whatever your needs are, we are more than happy to accommodate you!

kelley burke pelvic floor specialist

Kelley Burke is a Licensed Massage Therapist and offers placenta encapsulation, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and pre/postnatal massage.

Mirra Nerenberg is a Licensed and Certified Professional Midwife offering comprehensive midwifery care for homebirths.Mirra midwife