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Empowered home births for All Portland families with support from experienced midwives


newborn at home birthAt Portland Natural Birth, we want to make sure all Portland families know and have access to the birthing option that is right for them.

We are committed to choice-  YOU get to choose who will be guiding you in making the best choice for your family during your pregnancy, who will be supporting you during your birth and continuing that strong connection during your postpartum.

We know you want to be listened to, heard, and have autonomy over your own healthcare.  We know you are looking for something more than 15 minutes once a month to ask your healthcare provider all your questions.  We know you want to know what is going on and be informed when making decisions for your family.  We know you want to know who will be at your birth and want to be comfortable in your birthing environment.  This is a big transition and can be an awe-inspiring journey.

Let us at Portland Natural Birth support and guide you on that journey to parenthood.

Our Services

Portland Natural Birth is a small inclusive midwifery practice.  We commit to being 100% on-call for all our clients which means we only take 2-3 births a month.  This small practice model allows for complete individualized attention and care, meaning YOU are an integral part of your care.  We practice safe and evidenced-based protocols, allowing for choice and best practice for your family.

We attend clients in the Portland area, within an hour from our office in NE Portland.

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We accept and bill private insurance for clients who have out-of- network benefits as well the Oregon Health Plan.  For our clients that do not have insurance that will cover a homebirth, we offer a 10% discount if paid before the birth.  Our rates include all your prenatal care, which are hour-long appointments, email and phone availability in between appointments, on-call midwives for your due time, full labor support and birth care, immediate postpartum care, and 3 postpartum home visits plus 3 additional office visits through 6 weeks postpartum.


We also offer packages that go above our inclusive midwifery care:

Lactation       Ayurvedic    Pre/Postnatal only for planned hospital births

Our Midwives

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Mirra Nerenberg, LDM, CPM, IBCLC

I midwife families from my expertise, having been attending births since 2007, and my belief in our bodies, knowing first hand the intensity and magic of birthing.

I know most birthing people feel able to birth at home when they are supported, educated, seen and trusted.  I strongly believe we become empowered with this kind of midwifery care.  This is the real reason I wake up in the middle of the night.  Nurturing growing families to make informed choices during this vital time in their lives can change communities.  And I am here to help with this transformation.  I love sweet newborns but I am a midwife, through in through, to support families, lending my many years of experience and skilled knowledge, for a safe and empowered birth.

I am also a believer.  I fiercely believe in choice—informed choice for all families to decide their own healthcare.  I have believed in midwifery and the truest nature of birth for as long as I can remember. I was born at the Baltimore Birth Center and was told by my mother that birth is normal.  Decades later, I still believe birth is normal and our bodies are strong. My own homebirths have further solidified this deep trust and knowledge.

When I’m not witnessing strong families give birth, you’ll find me biking or hiking with my kiddos and of course, when I’m not on call you’ll find me deep in the woods hiking or backpacking.  I feel strong and grounded when I’m surrounded by trees and the mountains.  My husband and I also enjoy playing in our garden and kayaking when we can find the time. Sometimes I even find time to hone in on my sewing and quilting skills.  The rest of the time, I’m most likely talking, meeting, educating, or sitting in quiet reverence of birthing people!