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Portland Natural Birth is a holistic natural birth and health collective designed for families in Portland, Oregon. We offer specialized services that support a healthy pregnancy, promote a natural birth and foster a holistic postpartum recovery.
At Portland Natural Birth, our goal is for you to be a part of your own health care, coming in to our care as a client and leaving empowered by your choices and your health experience.
Our services include comprehensive midwifery care including homebirths, advanced prenatal and postpartum bodywork, professional placenta medicine services and holistic pelvic care therapy.

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Portland Natural Birth.

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Portland Natural Birth Classes & Events

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  • Pelvic Floor Health Class with Kelley Burke

    10:00 am-12:00 pm

    5433 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR, United States

    5433 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR, United States

    In this 2 hour workshop we will discuss many common concerns of pelvic floor function for pregnant and postpartum women and what you can do about them right now for long term pelvic floor health. Symptoms to be addressed include: general pelvic pain, organ prolapse, constipation, incontinence, pain with sex, hemorrhoids, and low back pain.

    You will come away with a better understanding of your anatomy and how it’s designed to work optimally, as well as functional, do-able exercises and lifestyle modifications that will set you up for long term pelvic floor health. This is not a quick fix class but a class designed to educate and empower women who want to connect with and heal their bodies.

    Kelley Burke is a trained midwife and bodyworker and has been attending births and working on pregnant and postpartum women for nearly 15 years. She is the founder of the holistic healthcare collective called Portland Natural Birth.

    Cost: $30.00


Supporting the whole woman, no matter how she gave birth.

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